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2 definitions by Jangofeet

1. Generally used to describe a long thin penis with a large head.
2. Any penis too large to be referred to simply as a penis.
1. Get that skinny little wangadingdong away from me and my children.
2. Holy Mother of God, look at the wangadingdong on that guy, he must be, like, half horse or something.
by Jangofeet June 25, 2005
5 1
Some illiterate version of "Forever Friend" which means:

(n) A friend that one will presumably have forever, but in most cases does not.
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -----
Illiterate teenager: Wil u B my forever freind.!1

Human, worthy of living: Learn to spell and I'll think about it.
---------- ---------- ---------- ---------- -----
by Jangofeet October 23, 2006
2 1