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Phatootle means the liking, showing affection, or the going out with, or having relations with either cousin,god relatives, or so called "far family".

Phatootling is the process of being phatootled.
Boy: Go out with me.
Boy's great cousins' cousin: uhm, ok
Me: what nonsensical phatootle is this. The boy is family, and you like him..ARE U MAD?
by Janel Strachan March 16, 2008
A typically used word to describe a gay person.

Gay spelled backwards added onto it "in".

Can also be spelled yaqqin.
Have you seen that dude in those extra tight pants?

Yeah, I have , I told him if he was expecting any guys to check him out.

What did he say?

He said yeah!

That guy is so yaggin!
by Janel Strachan December 23, 2007
L.Y.L. is short for love your lord.
You should go to church to love your lord.
If someone is doing something wrong say "Satan get thee behind me".
if you want to love you lord...you cannot be a snitch, you cannot fornicate of any sort.
"Hey mom, are we going to say prayers before we eat?"

"Sure, honey"

everyone sits down]

"Dear God, Love your Lord, L.Y.L. Amen."
by Janel Strachan February 10, 2008

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