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A Gook who tries to be or acts like a nigger
Me tlue home boy wold. Man your just a gigga.
by JamRon July 15, 2004
A wog who thinks themselves to be a Gook
Hey wog pelson, you think you be asian? Man, you Gog you know that? Cheeng Chong!
by JamRon July 15, 2004
Abreviation of "Asian Edition" which basically means anything dodgy or cheap et al "Made in China"
Your TV is a little AE
by Jamron October 14, 2004
A stinky wog trying to be a yellow skinned gook chong
I no wash to be like a gook!
Bro, your just a fully sick cunt malaka Wook your mum
by JamRon July 18, 2004
A nigger trying to be a gook
Hey brack blotha, u try to be like asian? You a nook man!
by JamRon July 15, 2004
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