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163 definitions by Jamie

Unusually small and tight cunt.
Me nobs red raw, I shagged this bird last night and she had a fanny like a mouses ear.
by Jamie April 13, 2003
28 9
Anyone or thing that is extremely attractive or cool.
"He was so hot... what a fox!"
by Jamie June 21, 2004
38 20
A fine man. A very sexy and handsome man.
Girls, look he's so hot... He's a Pooyan!
by Jamie April 05, 2004
45 27
This word is simply banana only with an extra 'na', making it one of the coolest words in the world.

"Omg dude take a bite of my bananana!"

"Wtf you fag!"
by Jamie March 17, 2005
53 37
A term used by someone to convey excitement or shock.
Leapin' Lesbians that some hot thai food!!!
by Jamie October 28, 2004
19 6
1.a monkey who is addicted to crack
2.to express ones hate for another person
1. hey kids, this monkey is addicted to crack
2. man your a crack monkey
by jamie March 17, 2004
31 18
Used to describe anything that is horseshit, bullshit, and completely out of line and uncalled for. Rickshaw is the polar opposite of crenshaw.
Scott wanted to put it in Mary's ass, and she didn't let him. That's rickshaw!
by Jamie June 14, 2006
34 22