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163 definitions by Jamie

Birmingham, Alabama in the dirrty south
birmingham alabama- the backdoor to atlanta!
by jamie October 24, 2004
a word to describe ones absolute astoundment at the pure brilliance of something
man, your cock is wu tang clan!
by jamie March 17, 2004
the feeling you get after having excess ketamine that can be overcome by taking more ketamine or next time taking twice as much
dfyu areuif rloeo0fb dhfggnbd
by Jamie November 29, 2003
It stands for Secret Federal Weapon.
I tried to kill the Cyborgs with my SFW but instead they got it from me and threw it down the elevator shaft.
by jamie August 11, 2003
Otherwise know as playstation 2
Brillient gaming system :
Playstaion 2 is good but not as good as xbox
by Jamie March 05, 2005
Ryan Peake rocks!!!, shld sing more 4 Nickelback but Chad Krooger, OOOOOOO, ledge!
the lads gonna go far!
by Jamie October 20, 2004
Bye, but with avengance! Plus, I was bored.
Buey buey, you anoying little person.
by Jamie April 03, 2004