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Like Kansas, flat, white and easy to enter
The #1 coin collection by Conan O'Brien
by James Lowe October 17, 2004
The comedy king who ccan out-funny ANY comedian that has ever set foot uopn this planet!
They're going to ban the toy guns..AND THEY'RE GONNA KEEP THE FUCKIN REAL ONES!!
by James Lowe May 07, 2004
everyone's uncle... wether your a white person or black.. consider him your uncle.
Fan: Uncle Bill!

Bill COsby: Do I know you?
by James Lowe February 16, 2005
Q: A mexican guy and a black guys is in a car, whos driving?

A: the cops
Funny shit, huh? I like that one
by James Lowe February 05, 2005
Beavis's alter-ego..The master of all that is toilet paper..do you have TP for his bunghole?
by James Lowe June 04, 2004
Better than perfect, what people will say if they read a book or eat something that is better than perfect.
to er is human, to forgive is divine
by James Lowe September 13, 2004
Internet Service for Xbox and another fucking reason to give Bill Gates more money. Yet, very fun to kick the shit out of 10 year olds on Mechassault who think they are the best.
(commercial) Xbox Live: Its good to play together
by James Lowe February 02, 2005
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