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It will be THE BEST GAME EVER to be released! Will make Master chief look like a fucking pansy-ass sissy girl who braids hair all day long.
On November 16th, Half-Life 2 will be the Messiah of the gaming universe!
by James Lowe November 04, 2004
A female that sells her vagina (and/or ass) so she can get paid and give you STD's like Syphilis, AID's, Herpes etc.
If ur gonna fuck a prostitute at LEAST wrap your tool before banging the bitch.
by James Lowe August 08, 2004
Better than any band I have ever listened to...EVERY ONE OF THEM!!

Every single song they made is an instant 10/10!
Liberate, Voices, The Game, etc... ALL OF THEM ARE GOOD!
by James Lowe November 04, 2004
Dark Helmet is a character in Mel Brooks's movie Spaceballs (acted by Rick Moranis)

The ultimate rip of the Star Wars character Darth Vader.
WHAT?! You went over my helmet?!
by James Lowe September 21, 2004
Mike Tysons favorite cereal
For breakfast, Mike Tyson grabs a bowl of Earios to start his day.
by James Lowe January 21, 2007
When you cant get sex...look no further than a magazine, pictures, and the internet
Porn leads to a very healthy habit.. masturbation
by James Lowe November 16, 2004
A time when you shit so hard that it all comes out of your ass at once..most of the time leaving your ass more pooey than a whole roll of T.P. can handle
MOM!! I.....need more T.P.
by James Lowe June 04, 2004

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