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A mnemonic for "For Me To Know And You To Find Out"

F = for, M = me, T = To, K = know, A = and, Y = you,
T = to, F = find, O = out

For Me To Know And You To Find Out

Niloc__"Crotch is the best band out there man."

Kelly__"They are Skanky Sankis!"

Niloc__"What is that?"

Kelly__" FMTKAYTFO "

by James Kelly Williamson February 08, 2008
This is the mnemonic used by people of the religious persuation on chats. It is used to thank the Lord Jesus hense,

T = Thank, Y = You, L = Lord, J = Jesus.

Mary___"Oh, Kelly the Lord Jesus has come into my life and changed it for the better."

Kelly___"TYLJ".......Thank You Lord Jesus.
by James Kelly Williamson January 23, 2008
In the Christian faith if you want the most perfect blessing that god can give, then you bless someone with God's WURLIGIG. This is used as a mnemonic in internet chat rooms.


W = Wisdom, U = Understanding, R = Righteousness, L = Love, I = Inheritance, G = Grace, I = Inspiration, G = Glory
Mary___"Kelly, I need the Lord so much right now!"

Kelly___"Well Mary, I guess we're just going to have to give you God's blessings"...

Kelly___"God bless this wonderful woman with your WURLIGIG!"...

Kelly___"Thank you Lord Jesus!"
by James Kelly Williamson January 27, 2008
A fuckfart(s) is a person or generation of people who abandon previous generations and their good knowledge and depend upon their own pitiful immature trial and error based abilities.

Fuckfarts, with their parenticidal tendencies, practice harsh age descrimination, hence the term fuckfart, because the fuckfart renders themselves nothing more than an outgasing that occurs directly after anal or vaginal sex, i.e their birth.

Fuckfarts have no substance. They are too self-reliant. They miss the point of multi-generational harmony.

They make you wonder what part of the asshole they grew up in.
xan__"Hey everyone Kelly is 43 years old."

Kelly__"Yeah thats great!"

xan__"Hahahahahahahahahahaha...Kelly's an old guy."

Kelly__"Excuse me?!"

xan__"Why do old ppl come on this chat all the time?"

xan__"They need to die."

Kelly__" :( "

Kelly__"What a fuckfart."

by James Kelly Williamson February 12, 2008
The dialectical forms of government, according to Plato, are a succession of governments that replace the preceding one when the preceding one can no longer sustain itself. They are:
Timocracy, which is replaced by an Oligarchy (also called Plutocracy or Monarchy), which is then replaced by a Democracy, which is then replaced by Tyranny (also called Despotism). In Tool-chest Politics all forms of government are respected according to their purpose in checks and balances when considering critical observation of the other forms, somewhat like the three branches of the United States Government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial; also similar to how factional parties 'keep an eye on each other', such as the Democratic and Republican Parties in the U.S. Tool-chest Politics thinks outside of the box, so to speak, and observes the cycle of governments as a whole integrated system, each dependent on each other. An example of a country that utilizes this style of government is the United Kingdom.
Jack: "I heard that the Republican Party is like a hammer for the nail." :/

Slim: "Yeah, and the Democratic Party is the screwdriver for the proverbial 'screw!'" :\

Jack: "Hey, that would be 'Tool-chest Politics!'" :D
by James Kelly Williamson September 28, 2009
A *poot woot* is a celebration that someone participates in after a satisfying flatulant.

Usually *poot woot* is written in chat rooms to express extreme satisfaction (mostly associated with a flatulant, but not always).

A *poot woot* is extra-ordinarily nasty, noisy, and long.

It is sometimes accompanied by a long line of periods,
".............................." to express the length of time the *poot woot* lasts.
Squirrel__"I just spent my afternoon in psychotherapy group session."

Sunshine__"What did you all talk about?"

Squirrel__"My Ovaries."

Lion__"*poot woot.....................*"

by James Kelly Williamson March 05, 2008
AUFK is a mnemonic for "Are You Fucking Kidding!"

A = Are, Y = You, F = Fucking, K = Kidding

This phrase is used to express great surprise or excitement.

If used in front of your Mom it carries an X rating.

To be used only with trusted friends.
DropDeadDimsel..."OMFG! I can not believe what just happened!"


DropDeadDismel..."I will bust my brother's knee-caps if he doesn't bring back my GTA-IV."

LoRdSwOrD..."AUFK! "
by James Kelly Williamson May 21, 2008

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