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The act of being talked, not only into a state of bordem, but often into the state of sleep by a teacher.
"Dude, What happened ? i was totally Glynafied"
by James Chadwick July 10, 2008
The act of Ejaculation performed so the expelled seman lands on a stone.
"EER this rock is slimey someone must have Mcdermincated on it"

" Dude pass me that rock i need to Mcdermicate, i love Mcdermication "
by James Chadwick July 10, 2008
A middle aged man who plays computer games and has large man Breats.
"Did you see that Nix-Nix-Pix-Nix who just went by"

"he too old for those games, and look at those boobs!, hes so a Nix-Nix-Pix-Nix.

by James Chadwick July 10, 2008
This term is used to refer to those of us, ( and the number is in the minority ) who feel the need to poo in the most inaproiate times, not only that, but they also derive an odd pleasure from it.
"dude, he pooed in a hole, he totally has Isshats"

" It was his job to clean the hotel room and he just isshated in the toliet"

by James Chadwick July 10, 2008
A term coined by dwarfs, used to describe a dwarf who is shorter than the average dwarf. Derived from the term Short Dwarf.
"no im not"
"YES YOU ARE wheres the rest of ya"
by James Chadwick July 04, 2008
Often misconstruded to mean a billard style game, it is infact a "nickname" for homosexual sex, usally used to refer to two males.
"Dude, I totally owned a guy at pool last night"

"hey there, maybe we should play pool sometime"

"Dude, i totally pooled our headteacher"
by James Chadwick July 10, 2008

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