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3 definitions by James Awkwards

An inconvenient, frustrating, protracted waste of time characterized by repetition of the same actions or movements without foreseeable relief. Often occurs in vehicles or business meetings when participants cannot find their way to a destination because of a variety of disruptive or impeding factors or people.
Getting out of the parking lot after the ballgame turned into a real dick dance.
by James Awkwards June 07, 2004
A business euphemism for "the reason I'd like you to think I'm useful."
My value add on this project is to leverage best-known-methods (BKMs) to focus on strategies leveraging core competencies moving forward synergistically to achieve our mutual business objectives.
by James Awkwards June 07, 2004
No effort at all.
I'll make my best effort to meet this deadline.
by James Awkwards June 07, 2004