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The time spent on the toilet where a person reads a book, listens to their ipod, or plays there portable gaming system.
We're going on stage in five minutes so this isnt going to be a butt break.

Get your ass working Jake, this isn't your butt break.
by Jamammal July 15, 2010
When you pull out a pack of gum or candy, and you only let the first two people who ask get any of it. Kinda like calling shotgun.
Hey Zach give me a piece of gum. No way dude you didn't call snake eyes on it.

Louie and Anthony called snake eyes first so they are the only ones who are getting anything.
by Jamammal July 15, 2010
Slang term for something or someone being smooth, like the peanut butter. Can also be used to say something is cool
Dude Mark is so jiffy with the women.

Tom Cruise: Have you seen that new Tom Cruise film?

Tom Cruise: No, but i heard it was pretty jiffy!
by Jamammal January 03, 2011
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