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2 definitions by JamMasterJizz

The act of blowing your load in the center of a females forehead while she is giving your oral pleasure. Such that the jizzum stain encountered resembles a third eye.
Just as I pulled out, I slammed my cock into her face and gave her a white eyed cyclops.
I had to punch Gary in the dick, he was about to give me a one eyed cyclops.
by JamMasterJizz March 08, 2007
The act of performing a white eyed cyclops, but instead you accidentally slam your penis into your own head while in the middle of sneezing.
It was a late night yesterday, it was just me alone in the lab, and you know I have seasonal allergies. Anyway, long story short, I gave myself a hunchbacked white eyed cyclops, man was it a lot of clean up.
by JamMasterJizz March 08, 2007