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A big hard sweaty man, who wears no shirt, and has been doing a hard days work. i.e. working in the fields
Farmer Giles is a true grafter, he has been in the fields grafting all day. He has been moving hay bails with his bare hands, and moving trees. when he gets home he grafts in the kitchen and makes a ploughmans lunch, a true grafters meal!
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
A term often used by old grannys for when they are incredably hot or sweaty.
Dale: God its hot in here.

Grandma Jam: eeeeee I'm sweating cobs!
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
A word / sound often used by o.a.p's. Used in shock or disbelief.
Dale: did you hear about farmer giles and his wife splitting up?

Grandma Jam: eeeeee, they have only been married 2 weeks. Im sweating cobs.
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
A weight gaining powder which increases muscle size and body mass. often used by wrestlers and bodybuilders. i.e. hulk hogan
Jam: have you seen hulk hogan recentley?

Dale: yer, he must eat about 8 barrles of supreme whey a day.

Jam: I bet he baths in cooking oil too!

Dale: Yer, he is one greasy mother fucker
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
A meal often eaten by grafters. The meal often includes cheese, crackers, pickled onions, branston pickle, apples, salad, grated carrot and egg.
To find out about grafters search for them.
Farmer Giles was grafting all day in the fields, he got home and grafted a true ploughmans in his kitchen.
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
When you feel rundown, tired, ill or generally crap, the correct term to generalise all these is "I'm about dead"
Dale: I shouldnt of had the double cheese burger.

Jam: I should not of had 2, I'm about dead.

Dale: I can feel it sliding through my body.
by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
A term often used by old people to explain the feeling of being hot and sweaty, also can be said as "breeding maggots".
Dale: arnt you hot wearing that coat?

Grandma Jam: eeeeee im breathing maggots

Dale: You must be cos im sweating cobs.

by Jam and Dale June 02, 2006
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