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When you are having sexual intercourse with a girl and are about to ejaculate, you have her lay on her back and close her eyes as if you were about to goo all over her face. You then proceed to either A) stand over her (feet on either side of her torso), or B) kneel so that each of your legs are on either side of her body. When you both have assumed the position and she has her eyes closed, instead of ejaculating you proceed to poop all over her chest/body/torso area rather than goo-ing.

As an added bonus, you can proceed to laugh at her and then ejaculate onto her face.

This is called the Cryptic Dumper because after you complete this new fangled move, the person who got dumped on will be incredibly confused.
Jack: Dude I totally gave Rita the Cryptic Dumper last night.
Mark: Haha! I hope you then laughed at her afterwards to rub in the totally embarrassing moment!!
Jack: I so did...I laughed so hard...
Mark: I love you...
Jack: I love you too sweet prince...
by jaketd12 February 21, 2010

You take all of the ingredients for a margarita, put them into a girls butt-hole, then shake her around (preferably smack her around) so the ingredients are mixed, then suck the "anal margarita" out of her anus. The key is to suck it out, as if your mouth were a human vacuum. Inhale the juices from her b-hole and you've got yourself a nice, fine, anal margarita. Enjoy it and pass on the recipe to all of your friends.

ADVICE - This is great for potlucks and birthday parties. Fact.
Joe: Dude, guess what I did last night!

John: I'm guessing it has to do with that hot new craze everyones been raving about, aka, the "anal margarita?"

Joe: Of course man!! Me and Jenny made some amaaaazing Anal Margarita's last night.

John: Dude... I'm so jealous..

Joe: Hey man don't worry, me and you can make a few with each other right now. I have some left over ingredients.

John: You sure? I mean, I don't want to make you...

Joe: No, I'd love to.

John: I love you...

Joe: I love you too... sweet prince..

John: Would it be weird if I kissed you right now?

Joe: Not at all, I was thinking the same thing.

by JakeTD12 March 16, 2010

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