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Mostly used to describe really good weed but can be used for something that has been done that was very cool.
"Man that shit was hella dank, im blazed.
by Jake Hugo January 23, 2009
Used mostly to describe foods that are incredibly good.
Those pot brownies were hella bomb.
by Jake Hugo January 23, 2009
Combination of Cab driver and designated driver. Used when designated driver is too drunk to hold such responsibilities.
Jim: Yo dude you good to drive.
Fred: No I'm fucking trashed. We need to call a Cabinated Driver.
by Jake Hugo January 23, 2009
To write a name other than your own in the snow with your urination to not be linked to doing such action and to put blame on another. Tom is usually a good common name to use.
I didn't want anyone to know that i pissed on the lawn so i wrote a tom.

It was embarrassing to be caught in the middle of writing a tom, especially by tom.
by Jake Hugo January 23, 2009
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