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What you wish half of the words on here were.
Undefined. Magical Word.
by Jaibow August 26, 2011
A place where they have the funniest pics EVR, but the comments are spammed by teens who wanna get fucked and chat like they have no god damn life. Theyre comms not chat rooms.

Person: Goddamn it, be quiet cop!
Cop: Bitch you have no tomatoes!

Comment Board:
BeiberHair: Chat?
Beiberhair: I am gay.
Me: Shut the hell up, I dont wanna hear that shit.
Wannabegirl: Be quiet!
Beiberhair: I flip my hair, i flip my hair!
Me: This is LolPics, not a dating site.
by Jaibow August 01, 2011

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