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A typical college frat guy. Sometimes called dude-bros, they love giving each other bro-grabs and high fives. Popped collars are a must. Most of them were usually once football players in highschool and "totally railed" the prom queen. beer is usually only consumed from a bong or by keg stands. Large groups of them amass at house parties. Most of them only wear A&F Fierce cologne to attrack the opposite sex. They are always prepaired to wrestle/arm wrestle/pushup contest/pickup heavy things contest someone at a party to establish dominance
look at those chets totally bro-grabbing and wrestling.
by Jagzi11a September 15, 2008
SNUG is a Crew of people in the Erie PA/Indiana State/New York State who play Call of duty WOW and hang out and go to shows. They have a mutual dislike with SOSF for the ICP crew SSK.
hey, are you in SNUG?
by Jagzi11a April 28, 2009

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