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When you smack someone you love in the head, face, or ass. It depends on who they are. It's a fun game to play with your girlfriend...
It was Friday and I was horney so I yelled "Love-tap!" And smacked Alyssa on the ass
by Jagra99 February 01, 2013
Not+fat+ty=fotty something you'd call a girl who thinks she's fat when really, she isn't.
Taylor:Sorry I was being fat and eating
Jakob: haha fotty
by Jagra99 January 11, 2013
A slave (also nbit17)
I'm not doing the laundry I'm not black in the 1700's
by Jagra99 December 07, 2012
People who say Godsmack copied Alice in chains logo should look them up. They are different suns, are you having eye troubles?
And have you guys saying Godsmack copied Alice in Chains' music, maybe they sound similar because its the same music genre!
Godsmack and Alice in chains are completly different so stfu.
by Jagra99 November 10, 2012
Yeah+yep+yes=yeaps It's simple math not calculus
"Want to take me home?" Said the hot chick
"Hell yeaps!!!" Most single guys who read this unless they thought maybe just maybe she was crazy.
by Jagra99 December 30, 2012

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