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Fotty is the word fat and hotty put together. its when u see someone that is fat but u think wow they have a really hot face
Damn that girl is a FOTTY!!!!
by rcrkid September 30, 2009
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1. A man who gets suckered into purchasing any kind of pet, and succumbs to bankruptcy and loss of all dignity to reclaim his losses in veterenarian bills.

2. One who gets abandoned, or completely screwed over.

3. One who shows up to work whenever he feels like it, and is generally lazy.
1. Man, the Vet totally Fotty'd that guy.

2. That guy got totally Fotty'd over, he's in financial ruin.

3. That guy is a Fotty, he hasn't done a thinkg in weeks.
by kenterc June 26, 2011
A girl who is fat, but dresses like she is hot.
The fat girl you see at Walmart in tiny shorts and a tight fitting tank top.

Look at that fat girl in those tight and revealing clothes! What a fotty!
by xSirus May 15, 2013
Not+fat+ty=fotty something you'd call a girl who thinks she's fat when really, she isn't.
Taylor:Sorry I was being fat and eating
Jakob: haha fotty
by Jagra99 January 11, 2013
Fotty is a term used to describe someone that is extremely fit. It is short for fucking hotty. Can be used on males and females, depending on your preference, in my case the former.
Person 1- That guy over there is pretty hot.
Person 2- Yeh, he's a complete fotty.
by Hannah-xXxXx October 28, 2007

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