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A tactical knife manufacturer founded in 1994, Microtech makes a wide range of knives, mainly for use by military and police, although some are popular to civilians.

They gained most of their initial fame for their OTF (Out The Front) knives early on, and were well known for their extremely high quality.

Some of their knives have been used in television shows, such as the HALO (High Altitiude Low Opening) in "24"

Microtech Knives continue to operate with a simple mission "To Make The Best Knives Possible"

Billy: Hey babe, check out this knife I got from the store, it cost me $250 *click*
Sarah: Billy, are you shitting me? That money was supposed to be used to buy flowers for old Aunt Delilah
Billy: Relax, I went into the flower shop afterwards and when I pulled it out to open a letter, the owner said I could have anything I wanted and to not hurt him.
I went on vacation to California and when the cop stopped me for speeding, he noticed a Microtech OTF clip in my pocket and arrested me.
#micortech #benchmade #switchblade #automatic knife #otf
by Jagdkommando March 02, 2015
Slang for iPod. They are the most unreliable pieces of shit ever made. I broke two of them (sent the first one in, recieved a new one which broke a few months later) and I didn't drop it at all. All around Shit
Person 1 "Dude, my iPod isn't working, I just keep getting this gay support screen

Person 2 "Hey, look Jeffs iSuck broke"
#ipod #crapple #crapintosh #piece of shit #apple
by JagdKommando May 25, 2006
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