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Rapper that sounds like cookie monster.
Annoying high strung wannabe.

Backed with an equally rediculous record label "the Inc" that childishly portray to the public, by there music videos, that they wish they were really Italian and in the Mafia.

In almost every video they produce they play pretend mafioso.
Even more entertaining to real Italians.
lll lllllll lllllll llllllll llllll llll
by Jag III November 14, 2004
Beautiful brazilian supermodel!
llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ll lll
by Jag III November 14, 2004
Cb, short for citizens band is a two way radio device for short distance communication. With no license required the CB's maximum output allowed by law is 5 watts, making for about 5 miles maximum communication with topograpical limitations considered.
With it's haydays in the 70's long gone by, the public has generally opted for the more modern cell phone to communicate.
At one time almost every other vehicle could be found with a CB.
Now more of a hobby,there are still a number of active enthusiasts.
Breaker, breaker 19 we've got a bear in the bushes at mile marker 18. Come back.
by Jag III November 14, 2004
Actor whos the craziest funniest burnout there is!!!
Actuall Gary Busey quote;
I could tell by the quadrangle of the verbs used in your sentence.

Other person;
by Jag III November 14, 2004
One of the original manufacturers of warning lights and sirens.
There is no sound quite like that of a fire truck screaming by.
What makes this so impressive is the ear deafening wail of the venerable Federal Q machanical siren.
by Jag III November 14, 2004
The best lights and sirens manufacturer ever!
Brightest loudest and continually revolutionizing the business with led's strobes and sirens and switchpacks.
Wail!!! Scream!!!!!yelp.yelp.....Hear that? That was a Whelen for sure!
by Jag III November 13, 2004
Where would we be without it?
No lips to kiss, no cracks to heal.
Ahhh...chapstick Jag III's little buddy.
Grrr...I'm outta chappy and my lips are killing me!
by Jag III November 13, 2004

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