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The people who bought you the computer with the internet connection so you could whine about them.
Girl: OMG I hate my parents, they didn't buy me that 2,000 dollar pair of jeans!
by Jackers July 05, 2006
One who is generally well liked by many. This term is most commonly used in reference to a particular clique. 'Populars' are generally described in the media as being heartless, pretty, well-dressed, atheletic, stupid whores. Many 'populars'in schools seem to follow this stereotype, while few act like decent human beings.'un-populars' dream that the 'populars' will grow up to live on minimum wage, and lead awful lives. However, many populars are charismatic, a trait that will lead them to sturdy future. Overall what type of 'popular' a person is depends on the individual, though most are masked by the stereotypes of the media.
Stereotypical popular girl: OH MY GAWD DID YOU SEE WHAT JENNY WAS WEARING!?!?!
by Jackers July 05, 2006
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