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A ham radio term for a wife. (x young lady) A girl friend would be a yl (young lady)
Ask your xyl if you can go.
by Jackel in El Centro April 07, 2006
To fondle a woman's vagina.
Hey baby, want to play tickle the taco?
by Jackel in El Centro May 18, 2006
Any martial art taught by a self-appointed grandmaster with little or no training in the traditional martial arts. The classes usually consist of lectures about how shitty other styles in the area are compared to the self-appointed grandmaster's style, followed by sparring sessions where the students are encouraged to beat the hell out of each other. Usually, the "dojo" will have a big sign out front that says "tae kwon do - karate" because the dumb shit self-appointed grandmaster doesn't know that Tae Kwon Do and Karate are mutually exclusive systems. Often the self-appointed grandmaster will offer a guaranteed black belt program, provided the student pays an exorbinant fee in advance.
Some Marine Corps boot camp washout guy opened a Mexicali-Ryu dojo down the street. I went in to check it out, and he wanted me to pay $1,500 up front for a guaranteed black belt in one year. I'd rather buy a black-belt on Ebay!
by Jackel in El Centro October 05, 2006
An emergency bowel movement. Usually occuring in a location without adequate toilet facilities. Often after consuming greasy, spicy Mexican food. May result in soiled undergarments
Yikes, I finished off that greasy carnitas burrito and had a hurry call at CompUSA! I shit myself and had to leave my underdrawers behind!
by Jackel in El Centro September 21, 2006
A ham radio term for sounds like a fun time.
We all set up huge antenna on Joe's house and screwed up T.V. reception for miles around!

Really, fine business!
by Jackel in El Centro April 07, 2006
A ham radio term for "wife." Stands for X-Young Lady
Nice to here you on the repeater, say hello to the xyl.
by Jackel in El Centro April 26, 2006
(v) To pull a practical joke on someone.
We buttfaked that dude by putting a dead skunk in his car.
by Jackel in El Centro April 06, 2006

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