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the true natinol champs of 2005
auburn beat viginia tech so usc and oklahoma suck
by Jackass Mcjackasse January 09, 2005
a good show that keeps on making new parts and the good guys always win
if we do not watch dbz i will kill you
by Jackass Mcjackasse January 09, 2005
Not only the smartest school in NJ, but has great sports and people that go there r goin places. Many people are jealous
I go to BCA and u don't, therefore u suck dick
by Jackass McJackasse December 25, 2004
Added to the end of any sentence to make spanish.
Greg:Como estas mi amigo?
Anderson: I'm fine you nut job who belongs in a psychiatric home, pedro.

(This is an intelligent spanish conversation.)
by Jackass McJackasse December 31, 2004

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