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Cum, sperm, smegma.
After drilling her repeatedly from behind, I unleashed my man goo all over her butt cheeks.
by Jack Squat March 27, 2003
When doing a chick doggy-style, just before you blow your load, spit onto her back. When she turns around to see your handiwork, pull out your cock and shoot it in her face while yelling "HOCUS POCUS" as loud as you can.
I gave your mom a hocus pocus last night and boy wuz she surprised.
by Jack Squat January 27, 2005
If your ultimate fantasy is to have 4 generations at once, e.g., her, her mother, her grandmother and her 16 year old daughter. It's sometimes called the "Intra-generational Five-way".
Why don't we get Agnes, Barbara, yourself and Amber together for a History Channel Love Sandwich sometime? I'll be the meat.
by Jack Squat February 23, 2005
When your eyeball gets crossed with your asshole and you have a shitty outlook on life.
Bob's constant, unbending criticism of Joan lead her to beleive that he suffered from a bad case of optical rectumitis.
by Jack Squat March 27, 2003
A transexual; specifically, a woman who becomes a man.
Charlotte went to the clinic in Sweden and had an addadictomy, and now we call her Chuck.
by Jack Squat March 27, 2003
When somebody gives you the clap, then they get cured, you have sex with them and give them the clap back.
Yo, yo, yo-- dat ho gave me da clap, so's I done gives her da clap back. For shizzle.
by Jack Squat February 11, 2005
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