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'tis when a woman's nipple gets real claustrophobic and sticks its head out for a deep breath, while the woman does not notice at first. This is very common with actresses. Their nipples get nervous a lot, and need some air sometimes. A lot of the time, they stick their head out, and decide that they like all the attention so they linger longer than needed. This usually causes embarassment.
When Tara Reid was on the red carpet, she experienced a nipple slip. Luckily a friend nearby helped her out, for she was unaware that her nipple was getting more attention than her the entire time.
by Jack Daniels January 05, 2005
someone who heavily uses drugs; always on something; known for not caring about anything due to burning out
bones, jeff nelson
by jack daniels January 23, 2004
Dilemna leading to a clash between JKAL and Kennyyy

Kennyyyy maintaining SUPERIOR status
I watched the clayish between Kennyyy and JKAL.
by Jack Daniels July 11, 2003
Smokin some weed while havin sex
"Im just Smokin and bangin this filthy bitch"
by Jack Daniels May 26, 2003
a drug smoked exclusively by our asshole president dubya. (it is a combination of crack, heroine, and marijuana for those of you who are stupid and cant tell)
"Id go ficks this cuntry, I mean cowntry, I mean county, but I gottta zmoke my crackowinwana"
by Jack Daniels February 02, 2005
someone, preferably a girl, who sucks the Bobo.
Maria is his intern.

"Xavier! Come do your duty as an intern!"
by Jack Daniels March 12, 2005
to be muscular in build and have all the ladies want a pieceof your dick
I get a lotta ass cuz ima deezed mofo.
by Jack Daniels March 13, 2004

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