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1)adv. an act of agreement; alright
2)adj. statement of one's status as being alright
1) "A'ight fool, I'll be there."
2) "Damn, I'm a'ight."
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
A simultaneous rim and reach around, i.e. and r 'n' r amongst the cognoscenti.
sally the dwarf's arms were to short to give the fat guy a rusty trombone.
by jack b. nimble August 31, 2003
1)intj. awe, disbelief
2)adj. something of a negative value
1) "Goddamn, she just left me."
2) " That goddamn wrech broke again!"
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
1)n. a homosexual male
2)n. one who raids the ass of another
3)n. a military professional whom has sexual anal intercourse
4)n. a group of radicals who invaded the asyrian ancient land to drive out archaeologists who were believed to be practicing unsound doctorine in the sacred land in 1956
1) "That ass raiding commando hit on me."
2) "Our new gerbil is an ass raiding commando!"
3) "I heard the new Captain is an ass raiding commando."
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
1)v. to be damned
2)adj. the state of being damned
3)adj. in awe or shock
1) "We'll illbedamned, i got shit on my boots."
2) "Illbedamned, I'm not catholic"
3) "Illbedamned, the train just came out of nowhere!"
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
1.n) a stain resulting from the presence of cum 2. adj) something that has a negative referance
1. I got a cumstain on my shoe!
2. You are such a cumstain!
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
1) a substance made from the repetitive masturbating of one's genitals/genitalia
2) sperm
1) I got jerkumfizz on mom's couch, she's gonna kill me!
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002

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