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Recognized shorthand on the Usenet group comp.std.c for any unexpected behavior of a C compiler on encountering an undefined construct. During a discussion on that group in early 1992, a regular remarked "When the compiler encounters a given undefined construct it is legal for it to make demons fly out of your nose" (the implication is that the compiler may choose any arbitrarily bizarre way to interpret the code without violating the ANSI C standard). Someone else followed up with a reference to "nasal demons", which quickly became established. (see Jargon)
Your program has nasal demons.
by Jabberwocky May 10, 2003
When something is created or shaped into it's current state due to conflict and/or hardship.
EX. 1
Nevada is "Battle Born", which is on the state flag, because it, as a state, was created during the conflict of the US Civil War.

EX. 2
Person 1: "I am Battle Born because I lost my father when I was really young, and going through that made me stronger as a person and made me into who I am today."
by JABberwocky September 27, 2012

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