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When a girl's vagina is too big or deep from being a big girl or a very "active" girl and having sex with her is similar to a hot dog in a tunnel
That's a huge bitch. It's gonna be like throwing a hot dog in a tunnel

She's been around man.
So you mean it's like throwing a hot dog down a tunnel?
Pretty much.
by JaWu June 10, 2007
Pronounced "I'm Yuking." Means you are puking, vomiting, regurgitating, spewing, blowing chunks, tossing your cookies, tasting your dinner/lunch/breakfast for the second time(depending on the time of day), or projectile vomiting. To be shouted during the act. Derived from Ken and Ryu's infamous battle cry in Street Fighter when they throw the fireball.
Dude, I was just outside...IMYUKIN!
by JaWu June 10, 2007
It's what America runs on, Dunkin'
While a certain upscaled, green logo'd franchise will shut down for 3 long hours on February 26, 2008 Dunkin' Donuts will gve out 99 cent lattes, cappuccinos, and espressos. Get your fix
by JaWu February 24, 2008
One who "takes the cake" is the drunkest person(s) within the group.
Who's going to take the cake tonight?

Bobby. Bobby likes to party. He's taking the cake for sure
by JaWu June 10, 2007

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