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the scariest place on earth
fairfax, VA
by Jas February 02, 2004
The sound a helicopter makes.

Person1: LOL wats that sound???
Person2: omg helicropter!!!!
by Jas February 13, 2005
lacking unsweetness you can use this word to replace shit
"I say all kinds of sheiz"
" that is the sheiz"
by Jas July 22, 2004
Far-Head :: the area of the head between the eyebrows and the top of the head
by JaS September 12, 2003
Ok, well first you have to consider that i'm writing this. Why? educate you poor insignificant fucks out there.
My definition of lazy is the means to find a solution to a problem which requires physical effort. Thus turning it into a challenge that requires thinking. Yes, thats right, Thinking. And then of course i dont have to get off my ass or i do, but just for a shorter period of time.

-Jas -out-

Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words

wtf else do you wanna know, leave me alone already!!
by Jas January 26, 2005

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