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To me nu-metal is shit shit shit, and where doese that damn name come from, whatever, most of the time it is the line that seperates the metal from the rock whitch is a good thing we need a fuckin' line.

Ya get to heavy(Hatebreed, lamb of god and all those other bitch faced fagots) then it sucks, ya get to light (Creed, Nickelback and all those other cock sucking fucks) and you get to rappy (Limp Biskit, Linkin Park and all those other fucking moronic cock sucking fucks) then you have what is inbetween all whitch you call nu-metal witch is completly untrue, cuz there orginal, (there is not one band in the whole fucking world that sounds like KoRn (and that is a good thing, and if you don't like korn you can go fuck the mailman) and some fucknuts say that nirvana(the best band ever) is nu-metal well there just fucktards and then there is disturbed, they are not nu-metal there are just metal they don't even sound close to you 'nu-metal', they do solos, they can sing, they can play and they don't cry like a goddamned baby. and then there is Static-X whitch do zero of that crap you call 'nu-metal' it is simply 'new-metal' cause ozzy and his bitchs are 'metal' then the new music can be called music to goddamn it!
"Nu-metal" bands:
1.Linkin Park
2.Fred Dirst(Limp Ass Dick Man)
3.and any other crappy ass band that calls them self "Nu-Metal"
by JaKleKnIFe August 16, 2004
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