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A condition of detachment or separation caused by using an iPod with headphones; being cut off or separated from others, despite their immediate presence, because the volume on iPod headphones is too loud.
My friend was trying to talk to me at the gym but I did not know because I was in iSolation.
by Ja$on June 16, 2007
Same as a Dirty Sanchez, but the shit moustache is smaller. The moustache should be in the style of Adolf Hitler rather than the style of, say, the Cisco Kid.
Nevermind the Dirty Sanchez, bitch, we're in Germany! You're getting a Dirty Schultz!
by Ja$on June 08, 2006
weed soaked in elmbalming fluid and laced with PCP. gives you scary ass trips. stay away from this shit, kids.
he was trippin after he smoked mad boat.
by ja$on December 07, 2002
Any song at all.
"Hey, 'Somewhere over the Rainbow' is playing."

"Sounds like an Irish Drinking Song to me! Bottoms up!"
by Ja$on December 18, 2008

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