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all you guys are gimps. bevans is your beer.
bevan = beer. bevans = beers
sinking bevans = your a lad.

note: sinking chic's drinks does not give you a ladsy status. it must be bevans only. notably TEDS VB or CARTLON
lad: oi tomo mate why arnt you sinking bevans
non ladsy homma: ahh matey i like the chics drinks
lad: you used to be the bevan sinking king, now your the pussy smirnoff double black king
non ladsy homma: aight mate but atleast they taste good
lad: fuck you i prefer bevans. lads on.
by J_amessss November 04, 2006
what you say when someone does something which 1) you dont want them to do, 2) they're being a faggot, 3) they are sinking your bevans, 4) they are tuning your girlfriend, and pretty much in any occasion and it would be considered "a good call" by lads around.
dude picks up your sandwhich and throws it ont he ground.
"truu you dooo do that"

or a different version, someone tries to make a good call such as a mum joke, your frined says a mum joke to your mum,
"hey mrs bob, your a slut whore cause your bob's mum, haahah"
bob: "truu you doooo say that.."
by J_amessss November 04, 2006
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