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WILL WHIP THE FUCKIN SHIT OUT OF A VETTE!!!! (read other comment about the Nissan Skyline R34, for referance)
My Nissan Skyline R34 Will whip the shit out of your moms testicles and your Vette...
by JUGGERNAUT BITCH March 11, 2006
Meet me in our dreams, it's an achronym used for your lover. but it can also be used for whenever something good happens.

pronounced MOID
Jack Ten suited...ohhhh mmiod.
by juggernaut bitch April 27, 2006
one who brings attention to themselves for the wrong reason.
look at that kid with the huge afro riding a razor scooter, what a MURLEY CAT.
by juggernaut bitch April 27, 2006

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