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a grape-flavored beverage that belongs to a person, typically an African American woman, that has been spiked with rufilin by a person, typically an African American man, who has intention of getting in the prior person's drawls/panties; referred to as "grape drank" before the insertion of the rufilin
-"Yo, lil' baby, whatcha think about makin' that grape drank into a rape drank? We gon' have a good time!"

-"Nuh-uh! Dis be MAH grape drank! Don' be takin' off da 'g,' G!"
by JTQM May 09, 2011
An extreme, exaggerated reaction a person may have to something he or she experiences with any of the five senses. The stimulus to a reblacktion is likely to be physically appalling and often causes the subject to jump up and down frantically, shake his or her head in a quick fashion, and/or piont and look at the stimulus in fear, if visible. The most vulnerable to experiencing reblacktions are those who are truly African American or African American at heart. Reblacktions are not more or less common within any gender human being, but are found to be experienced more commonly by African Americans.
-"Nice day in the park, isn't it, Tina?"

-"Oh, sure! The birds' songs are so beautiful in the morning! Don't you think, Greg?"

-"Yeah, they sure a-"

-*points at ground, shakes head, jumps*"AAAHHH! AAAHHH! DEAD SQUIRRELL IN DA PATH! OH MAH GAH! AAAHHH! DAT'S NAS-TAY! AAAHHH!!!!"

-"Tina, Tina, cool it! You're just having an extreme reblacktion!"

by JTQM July 08, 2011

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