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A sweet treat that one could eat that would metaphorically make one sad and/or depressed.
Why the long faces? Did you all eat too many glumdrops today?
by JRaye October 28, 2010
Someone who reads self-help books and diagnoses themselves with every possible mental health issue or condition, real or imagined.
I just got done reading "Codependent No More" and I am the POSTER CHILD for codependecy!

I just read "I'm OK, You're OK," and I am SO NOT OK!!!"

Oh no, I think I'm turning into a Self Helpochondriac!
by JRaye February 08, 2011
A bikini with coverage so minimal that you see more bare skin than bikini.
Oh my gosh! Look how revealing that bikini is - it's more of a BAREKINI!!
by JRaye February 08, 2011

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