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a euphemism for defecation.
i'll be right back, i have to go download the brown report. it may take a while because i have a slow connection.
by JP November 07, 2003
Personal Jesus
Oh Cencu sibli tfajla (Please Cencu, find me a WOMAN with BIG TITS)
by JP December 08, 2003
(noun) More politically correct term that red-necks use for the punk-ass thugs who are known to hang out at movie theaters and malls in large quantities and also known to greet each other with "Yo dawg!". Males can be identified by the pants they wear around their knees and females of this variety tend to not wear pants (for very long).
Man I don't go to Regency Mall anymore, they got too many yo-dogs up thar.
by JP January 16, 2005
A system used by federal agencies to track and indicate fiscal dates in a filing system.
According to the indicators of the Perry System this file is ready for archiving.
by JP January 06, 2005
someone that talks about gettin ass but never hits it
man he aint nuttin but an ass rambler
by jp October 27, 2003
Laughably bad, random, or ridiculous resumes and other notes that people send into film production offices. Usually displayed on an office wall for the amusement of all.
David became highly embarassed when he saw his resume pinned up on the hegs wall next to an inmate's love letter to the child actor, a synopsis to an adult film called "Toy Story," and a picture of everyone in the office posing with a carboard cutout of Dean Cain as Superman.
by JP February 25, 2005
Slang for cocaine. its not weed, its the other...
'he was chillin with the other too much and turned all shady'
by jp January 22, 2005

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