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Well educated, secure, knows what he wants in his life. Believes in quality than quantity. Definitely, not gay, always want to make sure he is up to date in fashion, style, and usually the trend maker, open to new things as long it is viable!
Tom Cruise, Leonardo DeCaprio
by Joy February 21, 2004
An adjective synonymous with excellent, cool, great.
I really like my english teacher; he's aces!
by joy October 14, 2003
someone who is good hearted
that guy is such a Manveer!
by joy November 25, 2003
when a girls stomach stick out farther than her BOOBY DO!
ew that girl got a nasty booby do.
by Joy June 10, 2004
police helicopter
the porkchop is hunting tonight.
by Joy September 12, 2003
1) Plural for the plural of many stabs
2) Nickname for the name "Stephen"
1) "He was steebed."
"I see."

2) "Hi Steeb!"
"Hello, Gina."
by Joy April 13, 2005
The Old man who works at sams club that only looks at your breasts.
Joy: "oh look tits-pervert is working today"
by Joy March 07, 2005

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