524 definitions by JOSH

1) A loose fitting, colorful African garment.

2) A loose girl who uses men to get things they want.
1) Stewart was wearing his dashiki today to celebrate Kwanza.

2) Look at that dashiki over there...hey, didn't you get with her?!?
by Josh April 08, 2004
Project Rockstar its not just for Christmas its for life. Once you join you will never leave (See addiction)
Home of Codemonkey.
A banner a day will make the pop ups go away.
See this website(its the best):

by Josh February 21, 2004
Extreme exhaustion brought on my excessive masturbation.
Whew I am exhausterbated.
by Josh August 07, 2004
Short for "Unreal Tournament", or any of its sequels.
Man, I raped you all at UT last night.
by Josh February 11, 2003
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