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tsol sucks i hate them with a passion there a bunch of blood fucks that think there good i know so many better bands like these:peter & the test tube babies,crass,totalitar,the cadgers,clit 45,u.k subs,the havoc,crucifix,skrewdriver,appendix,kaaos,suicidal tendencies,Aus rotten so go fuck off tsol and suck my dick
I SAW A tsol cd so i took a shit on it
by JOSH November 06, 2004
a beach party ( KAPPA BEACH PARTY )in galveston, texas that used to be real crunk but the city started to crack down on all the partying and made it not AS crunk.

- it is the subject of alot of swisha house albums IE: "before da kappa " mixtapes
"mannn , there were so much sticky green down at the kappa, that the whole island got smoked out"

"i got drank by the pint , dro by the pound , headed to da kappa in my boss top down " - slim thug , before da kappa 2k1 mixtape

by josh June 18, 2006
school in Pittsford New York full of potheads and nasty slutty bitch girls and their sports teams are not nearly as good as Sutherlands
Sutherland beat Mendon 3 times last year in basketball
by Josh October 10, 2004
This term is also used to mean gay asian male.
Hey check out that lum over there.
by Josh April 11, 2005
A trooper in the US Army.
The best damn soldier to ever wear a stettson.
See cavalry scout
I wouldn't mess with him, he's a cav scout.
by Josh May 29, 2004
Is the most badass mutha fucka from Hell!!
Here tic is teh Masta!
by Josh November 09, 2004
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