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The root of the word is "overseer." It refers to a Bishop. It also refers to the Christian denomination, the Episcopal Church in the United States of America, which is part of the worldwide Anglican Church with its origins in the Church of England. (In Canada, it is the Anglican Church, in England it is the Church of England, in Scottland it is the Episcopal Church.) It began when Henry VIII broke off the church in England with the Roman Catholic Church (the Pope in Rome) and declared that the Church of England would be ruled from England, not Rome.
In the Episcopal Church in the Uniteed States, there is a structure of oversight which includes bishops with episcopal oversight over dioceses. Unlike the Anglican Church in other countries, Bishops are elected by conventions in each diocese with representation from clergy and laity.
by John March 03, 2005
a person that is pure, naive, innocent, etc.
Niki is a goody goody.
by john November 23, 2003
Awesome hip hop band. Old school, sings Jump around, An all time favorite whote boy rap song.
House of Pain in the heezy baaaby
by john February 20, 2004
a person who experiences intense orgasm while ingesting massive amounts of fecal matter from their sex partner.
" i wish i was jennifer lopez' shit eater!"
by john March 16, 2003
a game that will take over your life if you allow it to.

basically, you make a pet.
a weird little creature that might resemble a flamingo or penguin.
then you play these addicting games to get "neopoints" which pay for your pet's food. But you don't have to feed it. The fucking things never die, anyways.
And then theres chat boards, "shops" and other stuff.
I once had 500,000 neopoints but my account got frozen because they thought I hacked onto other peoples accounts. Wtf.
Sally: Do you still go on Neopets?
Amos: :chuckle: Yeah! Its flippin' sweet.
by John December 27, 2004
Proper Noun: The coolest user on the IGN message board system.
opmike is a great user, and I want to have his babies face_love
by John March 20, 2005
A band, the likes of which have never been seen, that continues to rock you through the night and sends you into a coma that lasts until sometime next week.
Ana Ng, Spider, Minimum Wage, NO!, etc.
by John October 03, 2003

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