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Acronym. 'Slow Jack and a Ball Rub'

Sexual ref; to slowly stroke a penis while simultaneously, with the other hand, rubbing the testicles.

Can also be done by more than one person. As referenced by JNS; one female can use both hands on one schlock whilst the other uses one hand per testicle.
Example 1

Jai: Aye biotch! Slow jack and a ball rub. NOW!!

Girl: Oh, and SJBR?? Anything for JNS.

Example 2

Bitch, quit being a Cary and SJBR my schlock.
by JNSphoLYFE February 16, 2010
rl - Real Life

peen - Penis

As opposed to e-peen which stands for; internet penis, or ego.

e.g. - Where one might brag about their huge e-peen due to an impressive score on any of the variety of online games. Another could argue that their rl-peen is actually big enough to utilize on a female, without being laughed at, as an excuse for their unfavorable score (as they would dedicate more of their time scoring with chicks in the real world, than in a game).
Girl 1: OMG I just felt Stai's cock while we were dancing!!

Girl 2: Like, his rl-peen??

Girl 3: More like rl-schlock!!

Girl 1: Wait, you've felt his schlock too?!?!!??

Girl 3: *Blushes* Oh honey, I've done more than just feel those JNS guys schlocks..

Girl 1: You fucking snizz!!
by JNSphoLYFE February 16, 2010
A large penis - Word combines schlong and cock in one easy to use word. Kill two birds with one stone.
Johnny: "Wanna see my schlock?"

(Johnny whips out schlock)

Girl: "WOW! That's a huge schlong!" or "WOW! That fuckin cock is EPIC!"

Wow, those JNS guys have have huge schlocks!
by JNSphoLYFE February 01, 2010
1. Complete utter stupidity; lacking much, if any, intelligence.

2. Selfish, or, Taiwanese. Same difference.

3. Small penis; schlort.

4. Un-justified narcasism; like those people on American Idol that think they can sing, swear they KNOW they can sing. But, they CAN'T sing. Completely oblivious to reality.
1. Samson pulled a Cary when he chose to use his cell block's fifi without so much as changing the glove. He was even surprised when he started pissin fire two days later.

2. It was very Cary of Tad to ask his "friends" for $100 a ticket, when everyone knew he only paid $80.

3. They're just hating because they don't have schlocks like JNS, they just have a tiny little Cary in between their legs.

4. The owner of KGS is such a Cary, he's a cock sucking little bitch who likes it in the ass. I heard his mom is a whore who passed down her AIDS to him, he said he was HIV positive about it.
by JNSphoLYFE February 05, 2010

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