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10 definitions by JMayzin

Plural form of hotness
Hey, which one of you hotnesses wants to jump in the hot tub with me?
by JMayzin August 17, 2010
0 2
"brushing shoulders off". Used when a person wants to express how baller or proud he/she is
Guy 1: Hey did you hook up with those two girls last night?
Guy 2: Yea bro I'm such a pimp. BSO
by JMayzin July 13, 2010
2 7
a girl that is an 8 ("ocho") on the hotness scale.
"Dude, that girl over there is pretty sexy. Go get her number."

"True dat. Stay here and watch while I bag this och."
by JMayzin September 13, 2009
4 19