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.a neutral mood, not mad, not sad
.a lifestyle choice, being chill all the time
Ike: bro just keep it neutch
by Neutch Squad April 27, 2011
The crevace below the overhang of a large breast; the hidden area under a hanging boob
Tickle the neutch
by zwief October 20, 2010
to be the "neutral" person in the game scum. or a-hole.
You're the NEUTCH! I'm neuchin' it. Your mom is a neutch.
by J.Biz-nass January 18, 2009
a girl that is a 7 (which is a neutral pH level) out of 10 on the hotness scale.
"Hey man, that girl is pretty decent. What do you think?"

"Ehh... She's just another a neutch."
by JMayzin September 11, 2009
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