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A term that describes someone who is acting or appears "gay", "womanly" or personifies the classic look of a fagbandit.
JIM: "Hey Phinnius, check out guy over there..."

PHINNIUS: "Yeah Jim, He probably has heavy wrists..."

JIM: "Yeah totally a fagbandit..."
by JMART May 25, 2006
a girl, who you probably picked up while wearing your beer googles, who is sooooooo soooooo unattractive that she requires a bag over her head and the lights off in order to satisfy your sexual desires.
(Matthew D)- "Man, I'm so horney, I'd fuck a B.I.B.'d chick!"

(Jim M)- " I rather stick knifes in my urethra than hook up with a B.I.B.'d girl.
by JMART November 28, 2005
When in a fight or dispute, i shoot u in the neck and u fall down.
The son of a bitch was all up in my grill, so I haar'd that faggot! Blood everywhere!
by JMart November 03, 2005
a girl who is sooo attractive that you would keep the lights on to have sex with her.
Wow Shinji, that chick over there is pretty LIT.
by JMART November 28, 2005
a girl who is soo unattractive, that it requires one to shut the lights off in order to perform sexual acts with her.
"Big nose, big ass, big waist, sounds to me you dig DARK chicks, Matt"
by JMART November 28, 2005

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