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1 definition by JJK♥

unimaginative jerk who always whines, complains, and makes trouble. Obnoxious. Loud. Will always get you red roses even when you tell him NOT TO. Acts like he knows everything. Always has to be right. Liar. Ridiculous. Likes to talk behind your back like a mean girl. Actually male, but never acts like it. Perv. Will grate on your last nerve. Clingy. Always has to be in contact with you. Annoying. Repetitve. NEVER TALK TO A DERECK. He will wrap you up in all of his drama and you will never break free!
Obsessive. Self-centered. Snob. Not fun. Won't take you out on dates. Prefers to stay at home. Boring. Lazy. Eats like a pig. Drama Queen. Pouty. Cusses. Overreacts!

Will always think about his own problems before your own, especially when you have swine flu.

Talks using incorrect grammar. Tries to be cool. Fails. Hypocrite. Bipoplar to the MAX.
"Girl, stay away from him."
"Because he is SUCH a Dereck."
by JJK♥ March 15, 2010