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116 definitions by JJ

1. A wild, sexually suggestive group of girls esp. at the club.

2. One girl of this sort.
"Damn man, look at all these Marquavos up in here!"
by JJ March 02, 2005
to embrace or understand
2- to wrap around
3- inside, contained within or inside the internal (usually used in the context of inner meaning)
1-I embottled this concept quickly
2-I must embottle this package with wrapping paper
3- I found the answer embottled in my inner psych
by JJ September 23, 2004
The leader of The Brotherhood. A plastic bear that came from the mystical kinder surprise egg which lead to the birth of The 6 Sunjeevans of the High council of Bunde. The future leader after world domination by The Brotherhood.

Also Tamil for "little brother"
Thumbe's day will come...
by JJ January 05, 2004
Ringing people in the early hours and leaving incomprehensible messages on their ansaphones.
"Sleep well last night?"
"No. I was boothed 4 times!"
by jj July 29, 2003
the universal word. also the stem of several other famous words.
it is an adj, adv, n, v, etc.

1)n. something so fucking cool you have to say mojaklet.
2) the word you say to describe something when you want to sound perverted but completely mystify your friends.
3)outrageously sic
4) the liquid that makes up a cum bubble

other forms:
sweet mojacklet
at at foot ball game I saw this dude return the punt for a touch down and then they got 2 point convertion.
i said
" oh oh oohhh that was some sweet mojacklet"
by jj January 21, 2005
the most beautiful women in the world
Who do you think you are, Wisam? biotch
by jj January 02, 2005
a flavor deriving from the house of Zhang
"Excuse me, but does this establishment carry any House of Zhang Bangkok Padang?"

(followed by confused look)

"Well then, fuck you. I'll have the chicken."
by JJ May 07, 2005