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chat room on aol called guess movie by plot
lets get out of mean people only and go to gmbp
by JJ July 30, 2003
a way to describe white people in usually a racist way, mostly used by blacks.
"Damn whitey, gettin' all my niggas down and what not!"
by Jj April 05, 2003
To talk or think about something so much that you completely obsess over it.
G won't stop quoting 'Napoleon Dynamite', he's totally beat off crazy for it.
by jj March 18, 2005
1. Someone who smells like they have bathed inside someone's asshole.
"I'm getting tired of being around yo stankin booty ass"
by JJ March 02, 2005
Tottaly hot girl that goes to CVCA, but is succcch a geekkk, a total goober!
Megs, such as the one you know who you dont want to tell shes not cool, so shes a segedi
by JJ November 24, 2003
The little old man whose from the empire carpet commercials, just had a stroke, and is wearing 9 day old piss stained pants.(Often confused as Mr. Feeney from Boy Meets world)
Dick Blanchard sells carpets at low prices.
by JJ May 13, 2003
An iced coffee drink that costs more than 5 dollars. This is a typical drink of high maintenance yuppie females and effeminate men.
John, it looks like you switched your dark roast for a vaguccino, are you feeling OK today?
by JJ May 20, 2008

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