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A Legend among stories, it is said that one fiki is born every 2,000 years. The description of a Fiki is someone who will not take no for an answer during sexual relations. It is said that the Fiki is known to whip out their wang and tell a girl she has 3 seconds to get on it or else it is going back in the cage. Denying the Fiki will only bring more trouble and the penalty is a viscious skull fuck. To spot a Fiki isn't hard, they are someone who are known to take diggers in gym class or someone who might do a U-turn in oncoming traffic. The only protection from a Fiki once under his surveillance is suicide.
The girl just wasn't feeling it so Fiki took matters into his own hands and skull fucked the girl till she had whiplash.
by JJ Bridge September 20, 2006
This is the act of popping a zit in an attempt to hide his/her action from everyone else. But somewhere along the lines evidence betrays you and you are called out. Someone that attempted a smuggy will always go into denial but the blood drip that rises to the surface 1-2 minutes after popping a zit is undeniable. The person is then caught red headed and looks like a complete tool.
Feek-a-leek had a blatent red bindhi resulting from popping a zit so it was evidently clear that he had tried to pull a quick smuggy in hopes of being able to sneak by enemy lines undetected.
by JJ Bridge October 03, 2006
n. Someone who runs and moves in a very similar manner when compared to that of a robot. This is usually a goofster who is granted the name Robotics because they wear so much Silver Warrior Lacrosse armour that the sun gleams off his protective equipment giving him not only the movements, but the appearance of a real robot. (So basically they look like a fucking idiot.) Robotics also tends to run as if they are carrying a thirty pound backpack...
Tom: Yo What you up to?
Andy: Not much man, wanna chill?
Robotics: Hey guys :)
Andy: Shut up Robotics
by JJ Bridge October 03, 2006
The purple squirrel is a true legacy derived from the disasters of some dickhead funneling too much wine and becoming nauseous. Suddenly, without warning the person throws up a fountain of purple substance projecting up into the air.(keep in mind that the throw up must reach at least 3 feet into the air for it to qualify as purple squirrel). Then after the yukemister is finished, on the floor will lay a horrifying display of a furry crimson/purple colored like animal that appears to have been mutilated by a lawn mower surrounded by an assortment of organs. It can be concluded that somwhere along the lines this person had feasted on a squirrel (most likely roadkill, because those fuckers are hard to catch and are quick little bastards) and an aroma of grape and yuke will drift through the air for up to 1-2 hours.
After funneling too much wine, Bridge finally yuked a purple creature on the floor...and to our surprise, he showed us all the Purple Squirrel.
by JJ Bridge September 20, 2006

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