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Down Low
D-Lo is a shortened term for 'Down Low' and can be used in all the same instances.

Also my cousin DeAngelo, What up D-Lo!
'Hey, hommy, keep it on the D-Lo.'
by JGSR May 05, 2006

Love is only accomplished by Learning about one another in order to Overcome our inhibitions. Only then, can we Value each other as human beings and find a way to Embrace our differences.

Coined by the rapper JG.
"Why would I rather hate,
Than reach out to my brother?
Loving is learning,
Overcomming, Valuing, and then Embracing each other!
Cuz what's life without L.O.V.E.?"
by JGSR July 13, 2006
Also, Industry Hoe, Commercial Bitch, etc.

The vast majority of celebrities and iconic figures in today's Pop Culture are 'Industry Tricks'. Including Singers, Rappers, Actors, TV Personalities, Comedians, and other well known mainstream sources of influence. From Fashion Designers to Professional Athletes.
As opposed to an independent or underground artist, an 'Industry Trick' is compensated by different companies, corporations, and orginizations to maintain a certain image in order to generate commercial revenue and success, even if the 'Trick' themselves doesn't necessarily believe in the image or product(s) they are promoting. As an old adage goes, "Pimps don't MAKE hoes do anything." This is true, they simply offer the opportunity to capitalize on someone's recognizable skills. Give or take a few persuasive measures. In no way is this limited to the world of prostitution.
'Industry Tricks' choose to compensate themselves in exchange for fame and fortune. By signing contracts, they are legally bound to all that is outlined therein. 'Owned', if you will, by the Industry, all the while getting literally and metaphorically 'Fucked'.
Instead of acting out of pure motive, consultants project the 'Tricks' every move in the public eye, concerning target audience, impact on consumer opinion and motivation, and most of all fan base fluctuation.
The 'Industry Trick' is usually easily identifiable, though, at times, can become obscure to the untrained eye.
Most are completely transparent, but not invisible by any means. However, in an attempt to adapt a chameleon-like persona, some 'Tricks' are able to appear genuine, although their motives are truly artificial. This can often be referred to as, 'Talking out of both sides of your mouth.' or simply 'Bitch Made'.
Many 'Industry Tricks' are not renowned due to any admirable qualities or unique and fascinating talent. In fact, their pseudo-illustrious popularity is nothing more than over-blown publicity conveyed with a bit of charisma.
The process of breeding the 'Industry Trick' is widely known as commercialization. Using advanced marketing tactics that exploit primitive human-nature, the media uses the 'Tricks' to influence the masses. By creating the proper atmosphere, they are able to entice the populace, with imagery of wealth, happiness, beauty, sex, etc.
This deceives the people in to believing that if they imitate or emulate the 'Industry Trick' in any way, they too, will be rewarded with the same benefits. This behavior conditioning is called 'Monkey See, Monkey Do'.

*Excited* FAKE: "If I was an Industry Trick, I could have a Bentley, a Rolex, a supermodel girlfriend, a mansion, my own T.V. show and clothing line, a movie and record deal, 2 yachts and world full of phony friends!"
*Realistic* REAL: "But you'd never get your dignity back."
*Puzzled* FAKE: "What?"
*Passionate* REAL: "Fuck The Industry!"
by JGSR September 16, 2007
Someone who is addicted to methamphetamine.
Specifically, someone binging, or really high on meth.
Someone going overboard cleaning, working, talking, etc, while using Meth, could be labeled as a 'Tweekosaurus-Rex'.
Anyone who persistantly acts wild, crazy or erratic while on Meth, is a 'Tweekosaurus-Rex'
Someone who cant sit still, relax, or settle down.
Someone who over concentrates or over orginizes things.
Someone who tweeks alot or the biggest tweeker.
"Knock it off, you Tweekosaurus-Rex!"
"Wow, your house is clean! Yeah, my roomate's a Tweekosaaurus-Rex."
by JGSR March 21, 2006
A mix between "Negro" and "Roach"

A dusty, scrub ass nigga.

Endearing or Offensive, depending upon usage and user, but mostly just funny.
Negroach: "Hey, Girl, can I get yo number?"
Girl: "Yea right, back up, Negroach!"

"Get up and brush that nappy ass hair Negroach, take a shower and change your clothes, we got shit to do today!"

Nigga1: "Where you goin lookin all fresh, my nigga?"
Nigga2: "To the club wit some bitches, and you can't go Negroach!"
by JGSR October 27, 2007
Methlyepsy is a condition that causes meth users to develope narcolepsy due to sleep depravation. Methylepsy can also be attributed to malnourishment and exshaustion.
A Tweekosaurus-Rex or a Tweeker would commonly have Methylepsy.
Methylepsy goes hand in hand with Mathamphetamitis, Methylabotomy, Methaphylactic Shock.
"I've stayed up way, way, way too long! Now I've got Methylepsy!"
by JGSR July 13, 2006
A Kick-Do' is a word that describes an altercation in which you plan to kick down the door and enter someone's home. The purpose of a Kick-Do' is usually to rob and/or harm the resident, burglary, steal and vandalize property, or to take refuge.
A Kick-Do' typically occurs at night, but can strike at anytime, esspecially when least expected.
Normally 2 or more men perpatrate a Kick-Do', however women and
Solo-Acts have been known to occur.
"That fool ain't home! Let's pull a Kick-Do' and clean out his whole house!"

"We did this Kick-Do' and robbed some ballers! We just busted down the door and took their shit! It happened so fast there was nothin they could do!"

"It looks like bums Kick-Do'ed that abondoned house next door! Now they're living in it!"
by JGSR July 24, 2006

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